Koreatown, Murray Hill, Times Square, and the Mannos

Going to meet up with Paula and family as they arrived at their hotel, and figured it was near Koreatown, so decided to try Gahm Mi Oak on Bo's recommendation. B train from 4th St Station to Herald Square; that part of Koreatown is mingled among the tall buildings, unusual! Check this blog, NYC Grid, for good pictures.

On the long blocks it's best to know which side of the street you're headed before heading. I guess even numbers are on the uptown side (and later found on the west side).

Gahm Mi Oak is slipped in there at 35th near Broadway. I ordered the famous sool long tang, oxtail rice noodle broth. You add your own green onions, salt, and kimchee, which someone cuts for you at the table! Just fantastic, and a great brunch, though they are also open 24 hours and it would be a fantastic midnight snack too. Great review here.

Wandered back to Herald Square and the famous Macy's. Then trekked to Park Avenue to sink down at Franchia Tea House, 12 Park at 35th. Nice place for a break.

Then east to the Affinia Sherburne, Murray Hill, nice boutique type hotel, quiet-ish area, down the street from Grand Central. Hung out, ate at the restaurant there Rare Bar and Grill. Walked over to Times Square (about 1.5 miles), past the NY Public Library. Home on the R from 49th street nr Times Square to the 8th Street NYU station, new one but also very convenient. Home by 5.

Annalise and Nina in the lobby; Paula, Tony, and Nina near Grand Central; tilework at 8th Street Station.

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