Rainy Tuesday

Now I'm the one waking up at 6am! Later, comforter from Muji, Peet's, Crumbs croissant, and wi-fi. First pizza of the visit. Two Boots, Bleecker at Broadway. Lot of cornmeal on the crust.


  1. You are becoming an expert on all the great eateries in NYC girl.
    Today sounds like a great day to curl up and read a book, take it easy.
    Have you discovered the night life yet? Clubs? Dancing?
    I'm glad you are having a great time Cathy.

  2. Mmm...pizza. That's my favorite. How was it?
    Going to get the subway when we left your place there was so many cool looking places to eat.
    You can never go hungry or be bored with food in NYC!


  3. Dang, I can't believe we never got around to NY pizza when I was there. NEXT TIME! :)