Union Square to Chelsea to W. Village

Breakfast at the Brazilian Diner, aka "Coffee Shop," 29 Union Square W. & 16th. Models serve you. Good place to read the Village Voice, which comes out on Wednesdays.

Shopped over to 6th Ave (AI Friedman, 44 W. 18th: "The Department Store for Creative People") to Chelsea Market (9th btwn 15th & 16th). Like the Ferry Building in S.F.--little high-end food stores mostly. The fish place was amazing, lovely briny scent and sashimi quality fish, uni from California. Eleni's: Choco chip cookies in a box, good for take home gifts. Sink-down place: The T-Salon, lovely.

Diagonal back on Greenwich, more little artsy and ethnic shops. Pasta dinner on the corner near the apartment.

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