Day One: East Village

First night, first full day. Slept in...nice! Kinda noisy last night here at the Ol' Ace Hotel. Cabbies and patrons I think, hanging out in front til all hours.

We had it set in our minds that we'd try to go to a Momofuku. Last year we researched on the very minimal and opaque website and fielded recommendations (mostly, "Oh which one did you go to?" "Oh, I've never been, just heard it's good"). Began to think it was a mirage. Even went and saw them and couldn't quite figure it out. This year, Julie researched for us, and we determined that we'd go to Momofuku Noodle Bar, Noon, First Day.

Coffee at Stumptown downstairs. Very attractive baristas, but have to say, uniformly, New York coffee is not as good as Bay Area.

Took the long stroll to the East Village, turned the corner, and there it was! Practically empty! Advice, get there by noon when it opens.

Headed to Tompkins Square Park toward the Niagara; shopped at the little funky bohemian shops around there. Bought a candle at one; maybe should have gone instead to the hardware store on the corner of 7th and 1st Avenue....

Had to make the pilgrimage to Uniqlo; on the way stopped by Supreme Skateboards, but sadly they were closed to stock their Fall/Winter line. Me: "What could that be?" Lori: "Maybe flannel?"

Gorgeous day, but quite a bit of walking, so had to have water before shopping. Broadway is so packed and crazy. Didn't take pics at Uniqlo, but it's still a fun place. Decided to get Porcetta to take back to the hotel. Cabbed home (~$8) because so tired; walked like 4 miles! Soaked feet in bathtub; posted pics, and around 6:30 went out to ChikaLicious.
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