...and we brought some nice weather with us. Left home at 6:30 am to get Lori, then to airport for our 8:56 flight. Sad that there is no Peet's in Terminal One! But Jet Blue is lovely, because, you know, the little TVs.

The Ace Hotel (20 W. 29th, near Broadway) is all it's cracked up to be (I mean on Yelp, mostly)--the area is kind of bare, but the location is central. The hotel is a mix of loudly---and possibly annoyingly--hip but also pleasant, the room is large, especially the bathroom! There are plenty of pics and even vids posted around about it, so I won't put up a lot here.

Walked down Broadway to Union Square, and had a great little Brazilian-influenced meal at the Coffee Shop. Nice night to eat outside! There's a Whole Foods at Union Square, good to know.

The hotel is near the Empire State Building, which means it'll always be easy to find.

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