East Village

More noodles! Walked over to Soba-ya, 229 E. 9th St at 2nd Avenue. It's right around the corner from Ippudo, linked below. Great area! Soba (and udon) with all choices of toppings. This was with uni and daikon. Side of inari sushi. Lovely! They have a cute Facebook group, charmingly written and listing specials.

After, got a little turned around; the streets are a little wonky down here since everything starts veering to a point, and criss-crosses. Still managed to find Butter Lane, at 123 E. 7th Street, near 1st. Instead of pre-made combos, you choose the mix and match of cake and icing. Very nice, with a denser cake, finer crumb.

Swung by the Kinko's on Astor Place, near 7th and Lafayette (close to the K Mart entrance on 8th and Lafayette) to pick up some Fed Ex boxes. Back through Washington Square Park; a good two-hour lunch-and-errands jaunt.

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