Meet me today in Atlantic City...

Actually we met at Metro Park, New Jersey. A train to Penn Station to catch the 10:14 Northeast Corridor line (ends at Trenton). Saturday morning, a lot of New Yorkers taking the train to a beach somewhere. $8 ticket, but they don't tell you the gate for your train until 10 minutes before, so you either stare at the little screen, or wait till you see the crowd break in a certain direction. Don't sit in the 2 cars at the end of the train, since at your stop you may not be able to exit. (Short platforms.) Well, all you have to do is walk forward. Easy ride, cool landscapes, nice graffiti art.

Easy to meet at the train station. Stopped at the Galaxy Diner in Rahway. "Where the Stars Eat." Reasonable prices, great food. Drive to AC (down the Shore) trafficky, but scenery lovely; lots of trees and green. If you drive in New Jersey, here's what's to remember: these are toll roads. If you don't have exact change in coins (or fastpass), go to the booth marked "Cash Receipts." The "rest stops" along the thruway/parkway (can't call them freeways!) have gas stations, where it is illegal to pump your own gas. Thanks to Melissa for the New Jersey lore.

Atlantic City is amazing! The Boardwalk, with its crazy foods, rides, and games; the Atlantic Ocean and a teeming beach; and the casinos! We hung out in the Taj Mahal. I didn't win (but did pretty well on the eBay slots; we got about 6 group bonus rounds!) but Melissa did, at poker! Quick drive home (relatively); Lincoln Tunnel to Penn Station, and I and lots of other late roamers took the A train downtown.

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