Ziegfield Theater, Harry Potter with Gary

Met Gary to see Harry Potter at the Ziegfield Theater. Awesome place to see a movie. Beforehand, we strolled to 9th Avenue, Restaurant Row, and had a lovely lunch at Eatery, at 53rd, served by nice looking young men who I'm guessing are theater people, probably dancers. Sadly, I discovered when I got home that my iPhone camera is not working; ironically, I had just been telling Gary that I know I could download photos of all the stuff I've been seeing, from the web. I guess this was the camera's revenge. So I downloaded these photos from the web. Hah!

Oh, one pic did make it from this day: on the way to meet Gary, I found the Rockefeller Center concourse that James mentioned so mysteriously, by following signs out of the subway station that said "concourse." Cool down there. (Not literally; it was kind of muggy.) I traveled quite a long way, emerging at the Time-Life building. Which is where I found a brochure called Centerlines, including a map of the underground concourse. Heh.

Cool map of Rockefeller Center, 40s style, fitting. Click the link to see the whole thing. It seems the Concourse was controversial because "since 1933 the Art Deco labyrinth has been traversed by millions of office workers, out-of-towners and subway shortcutters ... now [in 1999] [the developer] is trying to repopulate the space with upscale shoppertunities, more restaurants, more places pouring latte and more stores scooping Cherry Garcia."

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