Central Park, Wonderland.

Great day, Central Park! Met Josephine at Columbus Circle, and walked uptown to Alice's Tea Cup on W. 73rd and Columbus. There was a wait, so we headed off to Central Park to see the Alice statue. The Park is wonderful, just like everyone says. So cool, shady, well-kept. Josephine is a great guide; she knew everything on the way. I won't try to explain how to find everything we saw, because I have no idea. But before and after tea, it included the statue, a family of singers in Bethesda Arcade, Strawberry Fields, the Shakespeare Garden, Belvedere Castle (such awesome views), the Ramble, and lots of people enjoying the sunshine, lakes, music, and cool breezes.

Alice's Tea Cup was the perfect place to relax and talk in between Park wanderings. The pumpkin scones are Josephine's favorite, but I loved the butterscotch one, and the cucumber and watercress sandwiches.

En route, we also passed the Dakota, and the tortoise out for a stroll on the lawn of the American Museum of Natural History. Lovely way to spend 4 hours or so.

Two good websites about Central Park, the official one and an unofficial one, which is a little quirkier and also has a Twitter feed.

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