Neighborhood Rainy Sunday

Raining hard a lot of the day, so decided to stick close to home. I'd seen the Sullivan Diner (Sullivan & Houston) recommended on Yelp, so got the Sunday NY Times and gave it a try. Dutch pancakes (like a crepe) and excellent bacon. Nice little place.

Walked by Lupa (Thompson and Houston) and was intrigued by the "Osteria Roma," so looked it up; turns out it's done by, among others, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich; Roman style. Unusual menu combinations, and I may come back just for the spaghetti aglio e olio. Manageable sized portions, so probably could get three courses. The Cavolo Nero, dandelion and warm guanciale (spooned on at the table) was really interesting, loved the wilted kale. I couldn't resist the skate, since that is hard to find, and the artichoke alla giudia looked prickly but melted in the mouth. Pretty reasonable prices, but frankly everything was a tad salty. Hmmm. I'd probably try it again, though; the website talks about the salumeria (cured meats) which sounds so tempting, though also salty.

Went around the corner to Bruno Bakery on Laguardia and got an Italian Napoleon, but next time I might get a coconut meringue.

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