Last Full Day, West Village.

Bleecker and Charles.
Decided to explore the West Village more, mainly because there's a street fair there. Spotted Pig for brunch, owned by Steve Lustig's cousin, and it was a nice walk over there through (mostly) quiet streets. Wonderful restaurant, kind of bohemian and very easy-going, fantastic food. I left a note for the owner telling him Steve had recommended it. Would like to try for dinner sometime.

Circled up and around, checked out shops (lots of "design" type stores) and back down through the street fair. Bought pashminas, sadly not at the 3/$10, but 5/$20 is pretty good. Decided to sit a spell in Washington Square Park, since I never had; listened to jazz and wondered what the other people there were up to. Just enjoying the shade and breeze, I guess.

Packed up another box to mail back; New University guy came and picked it up, yay! Eating leftovers and thinking about packing some more. Ordered the car and found out about "checking out"--all you do is leave the keys with the doorman. I've got stuff to give away too (household supplies, laundry detergent) that I guess I'll just leave in the laundry area.

Couple places I wanted to go, but didn't, on Thompson. The sign says "Third Rail Coffee. Coffee Rules. His Royal Highness, King Delicious" with a coffee bean wearing a crown.

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