The Met! Museum Extraordinaire.

Awakened early by, I thought, major construction nearby, but turns out it was just the garbage pickup. Dozed and lounged around taking pictures of the view. The iPhone promised a hot day, high 80s, but it didn't feel like it was going to develop (and indeed, it didn't--stayed lovely and breezy all day).

Headed out at 1:10 to the Bleecker St. Station to meet Gary at 86th and Lexington by 1:45, perfect timing. We headed toward 2nd Avenue to find a restaurant, and found a great one: Big Daddy's, at 3rd. Diner, with a big super-fun menu ("Green Acres" for salads, "I Love Juicy" for smoothies.) I got an egg cream and french dip, Gary got a grilled "Jackie Brown" and we both got Tater Tots.

Strolled over to the Met, Fifth Avenue at 82nd. It's amazing! We saw 3 of the 18 special exhibitions: Michelangelo's First Painting, Francis Bacon, the Model as Muse, and some of the regular exhibits, too. Check the link for the Bacon especially. It was a huge exhibit, quite remarkable. Had a beverage at the cafeteria, then headed downtown on the 4 express. I got off at 14th Street/Union Square and had a nice walk home, stopping at Crumbs on the way.

(Outside the Met; the Model Exhibit; busy Union Square Friday evening.)

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