SoHo Again

I really like this neighborhood just for wandering the narrow streets and the cool, super fancy shops. I'd been to the Savoy with James years ago, and loved the look of their current lunch menu--lots of small plates, and you can choose three for $16.

Finally made it to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Annex (76 Mercer Street (between Spring & Broome St.) Not cheap ($25), but I'd gotten a $5 coupon at the MoMA store down the block, so I bet those aren't hard to find at a hotel concierge or something. I forgot to use it, though. The place is rather structured; you get herded into a waiting area with plaques of the winners, playing their music, and wait for a big enough crowd (I guess) to get moved in to see a film of sorts with clips and quotes of rock n roll history. Then, through the exhibits, with an audio device that triggers as you near certain exhibits, which is kind of cool. The Yoko-created Lennon exhibit is pretty good. Not a bad way to spend an hour or two. Don't get caught taking photos, or they'll make you delete them. (!) NYT Article about Lennon exhibit.

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