Columbia U., Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Breakfast downstairs at the Breslin. Lovely dark setting. Got the NYT at the Starbucks on 5th, around the corner.

Around 2:15, headed out to meet John, Kristen and Joseph. Zipped over to 6th and 28th, caught the 1 train uptown to 116th/Columbia. Lovely day on campus, move-in day! Wandered from the West Gate to the East Gate and strolled out to Haagen Dazs on Amsterdam, then back west to Riverside Park, lovely. There's a cafe there on the edge with a nice view of, it turns out, New Jersey.

Hustled with John down to 96th St Stn. Took the train to 72nd. Salumeria Rosi, then to Cafe Luxembourg. Walked to Lincoln Center, met up with Josephine, sat in the park for a bit, then subway (72nd, the 1) back to the hotel.

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