East Side, West Side...and the Bronx.

Woke up earlyish and took the 6 train uptown from 28th and Park to 86th--The Neue Gallery, for breakfast at Cafe Sabarsky, which I had wanted to go to, but last year only made it in time for lunch. Talk about old-world charm. We had the Wiener Frühstück: Wiener Mélange, Orangensaft, ein weiches Ei, Weißbrot, Butter, Marmelade & Honig von Staud (or Viennese Mélange Coffee, Orange juice, a soft-boiled Egg, Brioche Toast, Country Bread, Butter, Jam & Honey.) Classy.

As we were leaving there was a line for the museum, so I guess it's a happening place. Popped up a block to see the Guggenheim, though all the vendors kind of spoil the photogenicity. Headed across the park along the Jackie Onassis Reservoir. Lots of walkers and joggers! The sign said to run counterclockwise but we were walking against traffic.

Emerged on Central Park West, subway to 42nd Street for the Times Square Muji at 40th and 8th Ave, in the New York Times building.

On the walk home, stopped off at Gahm Mi Oak at 32nd and Broadway. I had the Sul Long Tang--snowy white ox-bone soup white rice and white noodle. Lori had Yook Hwe--carefully chosen premium raw beef seasoned sweet with pear juice and gahmmioak's special sauce. Fantastic pick-me-up for a warm day. Back to relax until the Yankees Game!

Left around 5 pm; took the B from 34th to 161st; about a 45 minute trip. Yankee Stadium is pretty awesome, with some design remnants of the old stadium, but big and bright and roomy. Great time, even though the Yankees killed. Plus there was a moment of silent prayer preceding the traditional "God Bless America" at the seventh-inning stretch. Took the D, packed with other Yankee -- and maybe a few As -- fans. Home by 11:30.

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