Chelsea and Brooklyn!

Friday decided to stroll over to Chelsea and check out Joe's recommendation: Casa Havana--"A Cuban Diner," Small place, 190 8th between 10th and 11th. Beautiful menu, and the food!

Cubano Sandwich, Mofongo de Pollo (Mashed Banana with Chicken), Yuca Frita (Yuca Fries).

Strolled over to the Chelsea Market, which we saw last time. Lots of pretty stores, mostly ultra-gourmet types.

Made plans with Bing and Noel to go to BROOKLYN! My first time ever. I guess I felt too insecure to go there last year, but it was easy. Walked to Union Square, took the L to Lorimer, then the G to Classon and walk two blocks...about 45 minutes.

Umi Nom, 433 deKalb, right near Pratt School in Bed Stuy.

Asian Market Greens with garlic; Pancit Canton: egg noodle, sausage, chicken, soy, fish sauce. Pork belly adobo; Bahay kubo fried rice: chicken, sausage, shrimp, egg, soy, garlic. Fruit soup with lychee, vanilla and ginger syrup. Flavors so distinct and delicious!

Easy subway then stroll home. Lovely night.

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