Rockin' the River Cruise, with Jane B! (and Joan O.)

This is cool: concert on a boat that circles around the Hudson. See the sights, listen to awesome music, and talk with a good friend. Subway to 42nd Street, walk in the rain 4 long blocks to Pier 83, get on board. Seating is limited so good to get there early; if you do, you can be about 15 feet away from Joan Osborne! Also Chris Barron, self-described as "that guy from The Spin Doctors." Shows are short (there are 2 per night) but well worth it. The Statue of Liberty is awe-inspiring up close, as are Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. The skyscrapers-on-both-sides views reminiscent of a non-rockin' boat ride we took in Hong Kong. After, we walked up 9th Avenue, Restaurant Row, in Hell's Kitchen. So many restaurants. (Between 54th and 59th.)

Another favorite spot: the Whole Foods on Columbus Circle. (Photo from IMBitter's blog, also a great description of Columbus Circle there.) Anything a city-dweller could need, with many check out counters. (You wait in a single line and when one becomes available, the number flashes and a voice says the number of the available counter. They go up to #30.) Great subway entrance there, too. Thanks for a great night, Jane. A train downtown. Hey, Take the A Train!

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